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Choose a professional suppler which can offer you all fabrication and installation of fences and gates so that it can be carried out with expert attention & the very best value for your money. Trends of choices like stainless steel, timber, wrought iron, trackless autogate, folding gate gives you a wide selection. What you need is just hassle free door step delivery with expertise!

Brands: Arxtech, Beaugate, E Chan, Fagolli, Window Element, Golden Best, New Edge, Optima, Amax

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PANTHER PROTECT SECURITY MESH doors and window are designed with Australian cutting-edge technology. PANTHER PROTECT SECURITY MESH SYSTEM are made with the highest quality materials coupled with screw-less mesh retention mechanism & 3 types of multipoint lock types to give homeowners peace of mind in terms of security performance and product reliability.


With 30 years of experience in crafting & improving gates, FAGOLLI built premium Auto Gate with every family in mind. All FAGOLLI products are designed and manufactured in Malaysia. FAGOLLI provides a cutting-edge Auto Gate technology with continuous improvements and extensive research & being the lightest weight-to-strength ratio in the trackless folding gate industry.

New Edge

New Edge Safety Door being Malaysia’s First Safety & Security Door Manufacturer since 1998. They use sophisticated & advanced manufacturing technology, high quality stainless steel and other steel materials to manufacture their security door. New Edge security and security would be user’s strongest solution to protect their home which are solid & weather resistance.