Water Filter

Without water filtration system, there’s the risk of becoming ill from contaminated water or the alternative of drinking other beverages may not be as good for our health as purified water. There are many types of filtration system which is enhanced with latest feature and technologies! Reverse Osmosis (RO) System, Alkaline rich in mineral, Ion Exhange, etc..

Brand: Blondal, Cuckoo, Intact Water, LEC, Nesh, Smartnano

Brand details


CUCKOO was accoladed the CXP Best Customer Experience Awards 2021. Since the establishment in 2014, CUCKOO have been focused at improving the quality of living through Beyond Standards products and services. In order to expand and diversify their products portfolios, CUCKOO has positioned themselves as a Healthy Home Creator with newly established brands, WonderLab and WonderKlean, joining the ranks of CUCKOO brand to provide greater Healthy Home Appliances.


Since the establishment in 1989, Nesh is one of Malaysia’s leading water solution provider. NESH is the acronym of Natural Environmental, Safe and Healthy with the vision to advocate healthy living and a holistic lifestyle. With a pledge to be Professional, Responsible and Trustworthy, NESH is a company with a strong corporate and social responsibility in delivering excellent quality products and services to their user.


SMARTNANO is one of the water solution experts with more than 15 years of expertise. With access to advanced technologies, superior engineering & support by partnering with reputable high-tech State-Of-Art Direct Manufacturers Worldwide, SMARTNANO is growing rapidly throughout the country and continuous expansion ranges of world class new products & technologies in water solution.