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Sometimes the most productive thing to do is to relax on your couch, so choosing the perfect sofa is key to home comfort. 2 seaters to 3, recliners, chaise lounge, contemporary, chesterfield, mid-century modern, sectional, leather, fabric are the trendy choice in town now!

Brands: Bestro, BS Sofa, Cellini, CF, Future, Hatch, Ibenz, Izent, Meta Sofa, Milagro, Milani, Pullman, SSB, Tamu, Trenzol, Zarrosa, S Star, Solotti Living

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Cellini Sofa and Coaches


CELLINI is created by an Italian, Benvenuto Cellini and later founded in Singapore in 1986. CELLINI has an exquisite craftmanship and characteristic design furniture that combined the old-world passion with modern technology craftmanship. CELLINI creates the most refined and unique pieces of contemporary furniture for the customers.


“We inspired your living” is IBENZ’s vision since their establishment in 2001. IBENZ sofas are defined as world class which are crafted by highly skilled craftsmen in details and no quality shall be compromised. IBENZ believe quality and style must go hand in hand to ensure their valued customers get the best they deserve.

Ibenz Sofa and Coaches
Trenzol Sofa and Coaches


Since the inception in 1978, TRENZOL is one of the Malaysia’s leading manufacturers of premium quality leather sofas. Superior quality, exceptionally comfortable, contemporary sofas is the subjective of TRENZOL, an Italian Designers, made in Malaysia which provides a luxury and comfy sofas.