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The kitchen is where you put all the ingredients together. No matter what you do in life, you have to have a plan and put it together. Kitchen cabinet with great and fuctional design designed definitely spice up your life!

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SCI Kitchen Cabinet


SCI is one of the pioneer custom-built kitchen cabinets and wardrobe furniture manufacturer in Malaysia since 1995. SCI is expert in Eco-Kitchen Cabinets & Wardrobe providing a complete range of home cabinetry solutions.

Products: Kitchen Cabinet, Tabletop, Wardrobe, Display Cabinet, TV Cabinet, Shoe Cabinet, Dressing Table

Verra Kitchen

Specialize in quality kitchen cabinet & wardrobe system, Verra Kitchen takes their pride to introduce the first and only “Cerra” product which originated from Europe made of large mineral porcelain ceramic slab. With the 100% natural product, Verra Kitchen with their CERRA had undoubtedly brought a revolution into world of kitchen’s worktop thus it does ensure kitchen durability over-time with low maintenance.

VerraKitchen Kitchen Cabinet
ViewinCabinet Kitchen Cabinet

View In Cabinet

View In Cabinet is one of the leading company and the most budget kitchen cabinet supplier in Malaysia. View In Cabinet offers a full range of construction services. View In Cabinet aim to deliver outstanding kitchen design idea and products for their customers.