Bedding & Mattress

Sleep better liver better. Be it single bed, double bed, sofa bed, king or queen size, choose your best bed and mattress that customise your personal comfort preference. Spring, foam or latex mattresses are evenly good to promote a restful sleep. Latest technology with anti-bacterial, anti-dustmite and anti-microbial technology keeps you and your loved ones safe even when you rest!

Brands: Aerofoam, BHL, Meta, Comfort Spring, Dormiflex, Dr Posture, Dreamland, Dunlopillo, Eco Bliss, Englander, Goodnite, Napure, Spring Air, Stylemaster, Tempur,Therapedic, Vono, Natura, Nature Rest, Orteo Care, Serta, Silent Night, Slumberland,Honey, Kikaro, King Koil, Lady Americana, Gausmann, My Latex, Getha, Goodmatt, Sovn

Brand details


A Malaysian Mattress Brand inspired by “getah” was founded in 1969 whereby all the products are made of 100% natural latex. GETHA’s vision is to encourage the practices and habits of good sleeping.

Products: Various Latex Mattress, Bed Frame, Topper, Kids Bedding & Mattress, Bedding, Sleep Accessories, Pillow.


King Koil

Being the largest bed supplier for hospitality and only mattress brand endorsed by the Foundation for Chiropractic Education and Research, KING KOIL offers the highest quality, selection and services of bedding products to meet the demands of today’s challenging market.

Products: Spring Mattress, Natural Cortex, Fibre Mattress, High Resilient Polyurethane Foam Mattress, Divans, Rollaway Bed, Simulatex Pillow, Polyester Fiberfill Pillow, Micro-Fibre Pillow to name a few.


NAPURE is one of the largest natural latex bedding manufacturer in Malaysia which provides exquisite bedding systems such as natural latex mattress, organic mattress, latex pillow, latex foam mattress, back care mattress and others to provide a good sleep and lead healthier lifestyle. NAPURE endeavours to provide superb mattress system through intricate engineering for ultimate comfort.